How does the system work? 

It is your choice.  The dictator uses either a handheld digital recorder or our AccuStat Orator Dictation line to dictate the  report.  It then enters our secure system to be transcribed by your personal transcriptionist.    The dictation is automatically and securely sent directly to our HIPAA-secure website accessed by our transcriptionists.  The dictation is then transcribed, checked for quality assurance, and then returned to the doctor or the doctor's assistant for editing, digital  signature if desired, printing.  Documents can be sent directly via secure e-mail to the provider or staff for quick printing.  Additionally, uploading to your EHR is an option that is also available.

Can I make changes to or view my dictation? 

Through the A+ Secure Web Portal you can view, edit, print, download, and e-sign your document with the click of a mouse.

Is there a start-up cost or fee to sign on? 

No. You are only charged for the work that has been transcribed.  All of the above-mentioned features, both for dictation and transcription, are provided free of charge.  Additionally, AccuStat never charges for Customer Support Services or In-Office Consultation.

How much do the transcription services cost? 

We charge based on a 65-character line.   We only charge for what is dictated.  Nothing extra.



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